Success Stories

PEN within the PRO WO + MAN project gives priority to the development of the trade union sector both in the development of organizational capacities and in the promotion of gender equality of male and female workers as an integral part of the sector. In September 2017, the 7th Congress of the Union of Independent Trade Unions (BSPK) was held. Congress is the highest mechanism of BSPK, while the Steering Council is the second highest body. Through the congress, the Women's Network at BSPK addressed the BSPK Executive Chairman, the BSPK Chair and the Statutory Commission with a request and resolution, advocating for an increased participation of women, respectively the number of women in the governing bodies of BSPK. The Women Network's request has been taken into account and these changes have been made to the statute: In the BSPK Statute, Article 16, paragraph 9 specifies that at least every 3rd delegate of the BSPK congress must be a woman. This quote provides roughly 30% women's participation in Congress. Regarding the competences of the Steering Council, Article 24 - paragraph 4 provides that one of the vice-presidents must be a woman, while the elected chairman has already been elected a man. According to Article 22, paragraph 3, in the past only the Chairwoman of the Women's Network had the right to vote, and now with the change made, the right to vote together with the chairman have 2 (two) representatives from the Women's Network. Moreover, every 1000 members of federations / trade unions should be represented by 1 (one) member, where at least every third elected representative should be a woman. In Article 26, paragraph 2, it is foreseen that the chair of the Women's Network of BSPK with full rights shall participate in the executive chair. Moreover, trade union federations with 10,000 to 15,000 members should have 1 (one) member (woman) in the executive chair, while federations with more than 15,000 members should have 2 (two) member of the executive board (second and third members should be women). At the BPSK confederation level there are usually 2 (two) deputy chairmen. In this case, according to Article 30, paragraph 3, among BSPK Vice Presidents, at least one of the vice presidents must be a woman, where Leonora Lokaj is chosen. The composition of the statutory commission is foreseen in Article 33, paragraph 2, where the chairman of the statutory commission should have professional training in this area and at least one of the members to be a woman. The Commission for Choice of Legal Disputes and Complaints consists of 5 members. A member (s) must be a lawyer, and respect gender or ethnic representation if necessary. The same applies to the Disciplinary Commission. Women promoted to BSPK's decision-making positions are: Ms. Leonora Lokaj - Vice President of BSPK Ms. Valbone Shehu - Vice President of the BSPK Steering Council Ms. Gjyle Rashiti - Head of Trade Unions of the SPNPK - Independent Private Construction Trade Union in Kosovo Ms. Fatime Hasani - Head of the Forestry Union.