Success Stories

In July 2016, NGO “Ec Ma Ndryshe” held their first Assembly meeting for 2016. During this meeting, assembly members had the opportunity to discuss the workflow of the organization and also approve several documents of importance such as: the financial report for the period of January- June, 2016 and the Action Plan for the rest of 2016. Adopting the Manual for the Integration of Gender Mainstreaming was also an important part of this meeting. EC prepared this document together with NGO Peer Educators Network- PEN. The guidelines in the manual were tailored based on EC's statute, their Strategy for 2015-2019 period, EC’s internal rules of procedure and their web-site. The purpose of the manual is to provide specific steps for the integration of gender mainstreaming in EC’s work by offering: 1) conceptual knowledge, practical tools and resources for the integration of the gender perspective; and by 2) providing detailed explanations, resources and tools for gender mainstreaming in EC policies, programs and activities. Such example would be to use formulations that do not include only one gender. This would help to avoid linguistic gender discriminations and at the same time provide equal opportunities for both men and women. To put these suggestions in practice, EC plans to create a team for gender equality. PEN will assist them help by organizing coaching sessions on gender mainstreaming specifically tailored to meet the NGO’s needs. After the sessions, the team comprising from men and women will monitor the activities and workflow of PEN and will assist in including the gender perspective in planning future programs and initiatives. PEN provides training and information sessions for organizations and labor unions in Kosovo which are interested to develop policies on gender equality within their organization / union. The non-governmental organization "EC Ma Ndryshe" is an active organization working in Prizren and Prishtina with a staff dedicated in implementing EC mission: promoting an appropriate organization of the community, democratization of institutions and enrichment of cultural life in the main centers of Kosovo, with a special focus on Prizren and Prishtina.