List Of Gender Experts

Name Contacts Field of expertise
Nita Luci Masculinity, state, ethnography, violence, social movements
Mimoza Pachuku Gender Mainstreaming; Gender Responsive Budgeting; Budgeting; Fundraising and advocacy for gender equality; Gender and nation
Shqipe Gjocaj Gender mainstreaming; Leadership and decision-making; Gender Based Violence; Feminism and activism; Gender representation in the media
Gersi Gashi Gender Mainstreaming; Gender Analysis; Gender and Economics
Ideal Hoxha Social constructions of gender and gender roles; Gender equality and social justice; human rights
Nicole Farnsworth Gender Mainstreaming (In Programs, Policies, Laws, and Logical Frameworks), Gender Responsive Budgeting, Research Design from A Gender Perspective, Gender Analysis and Research
Erblin Ajdini Gender Mainstreaming; Gender and Economics
Donjeta Morina Gender Mainstreaming; Gender Budgeting
Iliriana Banjska Gender Based Violence, Maternity and Paternity Leave Provisions, Gender Responsive Budgeting, Anthropology, Conflict Studies and Human Rights, Gender and Conflict, Nationalist Discourse, Contentious Politics
Eli Gashi Feminism & media; Gender Mainstreaming
Sibel Halimi Research on Social and Gender Issues
Kadri Gashi; Masculinity (Manhood) and Fatherhood; Mencare and childcare; Gender equality; Social justice
Driton Zeqiri Researcher, Gender studies, Gender sociology gender-based violence, women’s inheritance & property rights