About us

Peer Educators Network through the “Pro WO+MAN” project has been working on introducing gender mainstreaming as a tool to achieve gender equality.  Through the first three years of the project PEN has worked with civil society organizations (CSOs) to adopt the gender mainstreaming strategies. The result of the coaching sessions with CSOs was a gender manual for gender mainstreaming. The current plan is to continue the work with CSOs, and enlarge the project to work also with labour unions, and public institutions.

This platform’s aim is to serve as a medium for gender equality educational materials and tools, and networking. The platform is regularly updated, promoted and shared with all relevant stakeholders such as CSO, Institutions, and Agency for Gender Equality.

PEN wants to acknowledge that certain materials, and tools have been provided by different organizations and institutions which you can find on the acknowledge part of the website.

This project is funded by the Swedish Government, and supported by the Olof Palme International Center.

About Us